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Promoting the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

Promoting the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

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The "2017 (Second) China Industrial Internet Congress" opened recently in Yuhang District of Hangzhou. The conference clearly defined the important path of global manufacturing industry upgrading, that is, to promote the integration and innovation of manufacturing industry and the Internet, and to build a new industrial Internet ecology. Manufacturing is the foundation of economic development. To transform and upgrade China's economy, we must rely on making China stronger to achieve new industrialization.
With the rapid development of information industry, Internet technology has gradually evolved from changing individual consumption behavior to a new driving force for industrial development. Utilizing a series of Internet technological advantages such as on-line, digitization and intelligentization, integrating industrial production, realizing collaboration in design, research and development, management and other aspects of the manufacturing industry, and subverting the business model, promoting the promotion of internal efficiency and external service capabilities of the industry, the industrial Internet has become an important part of global manufacturing transformation and upgrading. One of the ways is to boost the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.
It is noteworthy that China Unicom Industrial Internet Research Institute and Industrial Internet Laboratory were officially established at this conference. In addition, the "ten smart factories" and "ten enterprise industrial Internet innovation projects" issued by the conference have attracted the attention of the industry.
It is reported that the number of small and medium-sized private manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang ranks among the top in China. In order to help Zhejiang small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to upgrade their "networking", Zhejiang Province is making breakthroughs in the integration of manufacturing and Internet development, launching the 100,000 Enterprise Cloud plan, vigorously implementing the intelligent manufacturing development plan with the direction of machine replacement, machine networking and digital factory, and accelerating the exploration of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises Industry needs Internet development path.